To all parents...

To all parents, We give a thanks. Without you we would never be here or ever be loved and cared for. We may not show it but our love will always be there. We also may not always agree, but sometimes you arent right...and you know it. Our lives might not be how you wanted them to be but we still love you no matter what. We all have our bad days...and our bad weeks. No matter how much you think we hate or dislike you we will always have a place in our hearts for you. We may not always respect you the way we should or thank you for what you do. But all our love, thanks, and care is there, We promise. You may think times are hard but reality is they never are, because when it comes down to it none of us want to be alone. That is where family and Parents come in, to love and care for us when we are at our lowest point. We just want to say we love you and know your only trying to help or think your helping, but some times and you know it... you just arent right. And the best for us is right in front our eyes.


                                                                                                                 The kids:)


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